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Learn to live with an Ever-Expanding Awareness & have FUN doing it!

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Learn Omni-Dimensional Living

  • Omni meaning "all" or "every")
  • Your life is about to become an Adventure
  • Learn how to live your life on Earth to Span All Dimensions & Times
  • Learn to take advantage of the Newest Energies
  • HEAL while gaining New Skills & New Perspectives of Reality
  • Learn to Co-Create in new ways to Fully Express All of You!

? 3-Dimensions not Enough ?


While we assist YOU TO DO WHAT YOU LOVE

If you are interested in learning to

LIVE YOUR LIFE in an Omni-Dimensional way, you are in the RIGHT place!

Come PLAY your way into the fullness of a NEW YOU

Find your way around Omni-veristy

This video takes you on a tour of our Omni-versity, showing how the courses work and how to access some of our free content.

Our Omni-Dimensional (OD) Offerings

Your Omni-D Learning Adventure Guides

Saleena and Colin have been working with each other for many years, yet they live on the other side of the Earth from each other. As far as energy is concerned, however, this distance has been no barrier and their journeys together have been many and varied and great fun! It is the joy of playing in these energy fields together and meeting so many amazing different beings that brings their energy alive in their work, their play and in this Omni-versity.

Saleena Ki

Saleena describes herself first as a Storyteller, then Visionary Artist and Star-Being, and now Omni-D Learning Adventure Guide. As an Omni-D Travel Guide & Explorer, Saleena has a knack for working in all Dimensions, Realms, Times & Angles of Space. Her works have a deeply healing, activational, transformative effect on those who view them. They seem to crackle with lively energy.

Colin Whitby

Colin has been working in the Quantum Creator Energy fields for many years and describes himself as a Omni-dimensional Alchemist. He helps connect us with our higher vibrational consciousness, to better understand how to tune in and stay with these divine frequencies. This energy is available to us all, it is already right inside us, just waiting for the moment to connect.

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