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Source Dust: Omni-D Living Skill

A Powerful Gift from Source

SOURCE DUST is a sentient intelligent life force that is tuned to your highest self, your DIVINE ESSENCE.

It will always deliver exactly the right energy or healing for every moment or situation. It is unnecessary to know exactly what is happening,

YOU just intend that it is for the highest good.



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‘I have been able to remove the high blood pressure medicine from my daily intake AND life. Guides told me it would happen and it did. Inhaling SOURCE DUST is an incredible process and can Heal your entire body. Inhaling and sending it to Every Single Cell in your body, Intention directed, heals body systems as well. SOUCE DUST filled my BEing sufficiently to provide well-being and access to the higher dimensions all of us are moving toward'.

NS - Arizona, USA

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Course curriculum

Your Omni-D Learning Adventure Guide

Colin Whtby

Colin has been working in the Quantum Creator Energy fields for many years and describes himself as a Omni-dimensional Alchemist. He helps connect us with our higher vibrational consciousness, to better understand how to tune in and stay with these divine frequencies. This energy is available to us all, it is already right inside us, just waiting for the moment to connect.