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Absolute Balance: Omni-D Living Skill

brings a brand new level of clarity

Absolute Balance

Absolute Balance in an Omni-D Living Skill that brings a brand new level of clarity for our divine essence to express via our own special frequency of divine love. To help us bring these new frequencies into our bodies we have been given a sacred geometric form which helps us focus these unique flows.

This Sacred Geometry represents so much. A vortex of unconditional love that can be used to anchor Creator unconditional love and/or clearing and releasing for our higher purpose.

Here We will Learn:

  • What is Absolute Balance
  • How to use Absolute Balance in your daily life
  • When to use Absolute Balance techniques
  • How to use Absolute Balance to NOURISH, STRENGTHEN and HEAL your own BODY

Each lesson or module in this course is called a Learning Adventure.

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I have been using Absolute Balance as a visual for my personal meditation, and feel a powerful resonance, especially emanating from the central diamond.

I have also introduced it to my meditation groups as part of a guided journey....imagining themselves suspended in that space.

Their feedback was that they experienced warmth, bright light and expansion:-

"whilst I was in that space, I could see flickerings of different dimensions around here, rippling and morphing !!

A viewing station into other worlds..... quite something!"

Sheena (Australia)

Colin Whitby

Colin has been working in the Quantum Creator Energy fields for many years and describes himself as a Omni-dimensional Alchemist. He helps connect us with our higher vibrational consciousness, to better understand how to tune in and stay with these divine frequencies. This energy is available to us all, it is already right inside us, just waiting for the moment to connect.