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Sublime Health Project: Omni-D Learning Adventure

Take Your Health & Wellbeing to New Levels using Advanced Arcturian Technology

For those who desire greater levels of HEALTH & WELL-BEING... and an opportunity to work & play with an Arcturian team using their advanced technologies as frequency experts.

Hosted by Arcturian Belees and the A-Team who send

Personalized Antidotal Frequencies

to correct misalignments in your Body-Mind

The purpose of the Sublime Health Project is to offer an innovative way to upgrade your health, well-being and consciousness to new levels we may have never experienced in this body or lifetime.

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Course curriculum

How the Project Works

The Arcturian team (The A-Team) interacts personally with each individual who chooses to go through the program. This is an opportunity to meet, interact and co-create with these loving and wise beings on behalf of creating a greater level of sublime health and well-being for us all.

They explained that as the vibration frequencies of Earth rise, we must become biologically stronger to move through this great shift & thrive. Their intention is to support us as we strengthen ourselves biologically, emotionally and spirituallyso we are more resilient and adaptable as we evolve and awaken from our density experiment of polarity and the illusion of separation.

The Sublime Health Project is one way we may improve our abilities and live longer in natural ecstatic states, such as joy, harmony and bliss. This is our birthright.

GOALS of the COURSE for YOU:

Sublime Health & Well-Being

Ascension Support

Evolutionary Freedom

Higher Consciousness & Creativity

Galactic Friendship & Co-Creation

Arcturian Offering of Love

"We are masters of frequency and love encouraging you to raise your frequencies and remember more of who you are. This allows us all to move closer to the day when we can reunite and openly embrace one another as a Galactic-Universal Family. We are all ONE BIG family in the truest sense. We appreciate your courage and determination to evolve. We are brothers and sisters.

We are helping to hold a vision of an Earth where there is a Flourishing Creative Renaissance flowering, where every basic need is met-fulfilled. Where you are free and encouraged and supported to follow your dreams and engage your passion.

We work with this design (VK37 Sublime Health Vibrakey) which is a sender-receiver and it has within it an array of general formulas and patterns, many series of powerful activations and positive frequencies (healing, balancing, awakening, soothing, enlivening frequencies) that are broadcast continuously. These have been previously designed for assisting you on Earth via the Crop Circle formations".

Digital versions of the design are included with this course for you to print.

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Course curriculum

Also included are:

Free eGuide

and a printable Quick Reference Guide

Your Omni-D Learning Adventure Guides

Your Omni-D Learning Adventure Guides for this course are Saleena Kí - Colin Whitby – Belees & A-Team

Saleena describes herself first as a Storyteller, then Visionary Artist and Star-Being, and now Omni-D Learning Adventure Guide.

Colin has been working in the Quantum Creator Energy fields for many years and describes himself as a Omni-dimensional Alchemist.

Saleena and Colin have been working with each other for many years, yet they live on the other side of the Earth from each other. As far as energy is concerned, however, this distance has been no barrier and their journeys together have been many and varied and great fun! It is the joy of playing in these energy fields together and meeting so many amazing different beings that brings their energy alive in their work, their play and in this course.

Belees & A-Team - Well this whole course could not have been created without them, dive in to find out more. The photo in the center represents Belees and is a Spirit Face photo by Mark Macy of an actual Arcturian Guide of someone we know.

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